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Investment Management

Mekong Strategic Partner's investment arm selectively identifies opportunities and invests directly, or in partnership with clients, into high growth and sustainable firms and projects in the Mekong Region

Mekong Strategic Partners works across sectors and has investments in finance, technology, clean energy and infrastructure.

We invest both in early stage firms through our Venture Capital Arm and in more mature businesses through our Private Equity arm.

Our recent partnership with Axiata creates a new technology venture fund, the Smart Axiata Digital Innovation Fund aimed to invest in high growth technology opportunities in Cambodia and empower a technological revolution in the country.

There are four key principles we look at when considering investments:

  • Do we have confidence in management, or can we bring in management we trust?

  • Are we confident in the growth prospects of the business?

  • Is the business ethical and sustainable?


  • Can we add value to the business?

An example of a recent investments

Mekong Strategic Partners invested, pre IPO, into The Phnom Penh Autonomous Port as is currently the single largest private shareholder. The Phnom Penh Autonomous Port is a rapidly expanding business whose operations serve the high growth manufacturing and export sector in Cambodia. Mekong Strategic Partners holds a board seat on the Phnom Penh Port.