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 Nick Boerema

Head of Renewable Energy

Dr Nick Boerema joined Mekong Strategic Partners in 2017 as the lead on renewable energy and water. Nick has a PhD in solar energy engineering from the University of New South Wales, Australia, and experience developing commercial solar projects

Prior to re-locating to Cambodia, Nick was involved in developing commercial solar projects with Vast Solar- an Australian energy company. At Vast Solar, Nick worked as a project engineer where he controlled the design process for a 6MW concentrated solar thermal power plant- gaining the professional experience and technical understanding for developing energy projects.

Previous to this, Nick worked at the Centre for Energy and Environmental Markets where he developed his analytical methods and skills in research.

Prior to joining Mekong Strategic Partners in Cambodia, Nick worked at Engineers Without Borders-Australia as facilitator for the Sanitation in Challenging Environments project. In this work he demonstrated his capabilities in working in multi-stakeholder environments that included government, non-governmental organisations and businesses to create change through a leadership position.