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Responsible Investing

At Mekong Strategic Partners, we firmly believe that a responsible private sector and its capital flows can play a crucial enabling role, which drives the ongoing socioeconomic development, prosperity and wellbeing of the citizens of the Mekong region.

Sustainable Investing and Triple Bottom Line reporting have gained much prominence in recent years. At Mekong Strategic Partners, we firmly believe that responsible and sustainable investing is not only an imperative, but it is also an opportunity which is fundamental to long term value creation. Businesses cannot succeed in the long term if they do not generate social capital and develop a license to operate through the support of the communities in which they operate and the support of a loyal customer base. Quite simply, being a good corporate citizen and enhancing the social development of communities is good business.

Our approach to sustainability focuses on 3 key strategies:

  • Sustainable Investing: The summary of which can be found in our ESG guidelines which provide the framework for our approach.

  • Capacity Building: Developing strategic partnerships in the private and public sector which build capacity and introduces best practice. 

  • Thought Leadership: Provide analysis and groundbreaking insights which informs, as well as assists key decision makers to develop sustainable approaches.