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Mekong Strategic Partners is committed to responsible and ethical investing and advisory to help promote the long term success of our partners in the Mekong Region.

Responsible Investing

At Mekong Strategic Partners, we firmly believe that a responsible private sector and its capital flows can play a crucial enabling role, which drives the ongoing socioeconomic development, prosperity and wellbeing of the citizens of the Mekong region.

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Our  Environmental, Social and Governance Sustainability Policy

A core component of Mekong Strategic partners strategic vision is our firm conviction that our most valuable long-term asset is our market reputation for achieving dynamic and sustainable returns through investments that create value, whilst promoting socially and environmentally responsible development. We place into action this vision by incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria into our investment decision making and ownership practices that directly influence investee companies to enhance performance across these areas.  
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Finance Sector Development

Mekong Strategic Partners, has been appointed to undertake the role of leading and coordinating the Mekong Sustainable Finance Sector Working Group. This initiative, funded and supported by Wildlife Conservation Society, USAID and Citibank, works with the banks across the Mekong Region, who are financing and investing into the infrastructure sector. The principle objective is to create an enhanced awareness of risk, and to develop capabilities to adequately assess and manage risk from a social and environmental perspective. 
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