Yohann Formont

With 10 years of experience in Finance, Accounting, Controlling and Tax, Bophana joined MSP in 2017 as the Finance Manager. Prior to joining MSP Bophana was Head of Accounting and Finance at the German multinational firm Bayer. Read more about Bopha...

Stephen Higgins

Co-Founder & Managing Partner 

Investment Manager

Private Equity & Infrastructure

Mr Stephen Higgins is a founder and

Managing Partner of Mekong Strategic Partners (MSP). He brings to MSP two decades of experience in banking and financial services, communications, leadership, and strategy. Read more about Stephen...

tola chea

Dr Nick Boerema joined Mekong Strategic Partners in 2017 as the lead on renewable energy and water. Nick has a PhD in solar energy engineering from the University of New South Wales, Australia, and experience developing commercial solar projects Read more about Nick...

Yohann joined MSP in 2018 as a Senior Finance Advisor. Based out of the Bangkok Thailand office, Yohann leads MSP's work for the South East Asian regional financing initiative USAID Green Invest Asia. Yohann is the financing lead on this climate financing initiative with a target of arranging USD 400M of investment into climate smart agricultural and forestry projects, and a target of 25M tons of CO2 reduced, avoided or sequestered by 2022.   Read more about Yohann...

Executive Assistant 

Paphon works with MSP as it senior finance advisor for Thailand. With over 18 years of finance and banking experience in corporate finance, investment banking, mergers and acquisitions, debt restructuring Paphon is considered a leading expert on the Thai finance sector.Read More  about Paphon...

sh @ mekongstrategic.com

Bora Kem is an American Cambodian with 10 years professional experience in the United States working in investment management, private equity and technology start-ups. He was born and raised in Phnom Penh. Bora joined Mekong Strategic Partners in 2016 as investment manager. Read more about Bora...

Senior Manager, Financial Services 


Senior Finance Advisor

An experienced banking & development finance executive, John McGinley possesses dual expertise across financial services, as well as the development sector. As a long term resident of Cambodia, John has a proven track record of successfully building high performing businesses across the Mekong Region. Read more  about John...

Bun Meng Leng joined MSP in 2019 as a Senior Investment Analyst. Meng brings a diverse range of investment banking skill sets and corporate advisory experience to MSP. Meng is a Fulbright scholar and has a Master degree in Economics from Vanderbilt University and a Bachelor degree in Economics from Royal University of Law and Economics. Read More about Meng...



Investment Analyst

Mark Ilott

Our Team

Founded in 2014 by its two principals John McGinley and Stephen Higgins, Mekong Strategic Partners has an experienced and committed team of investment professionals, executing investments and providing advisory services across the Mekong Region. We work in small, focused teams that are agile, efficient and focused on delivering excellence to our clients.

Senior Investment Analyst 

jm @ mekongstrategic.com

Jolyda Sou

John Mcginley

Sela Heng joined Mekong Strategic Partners in 2019 to provide administrative support to the team. She works alongside the partners to establish and maintain relationships with clients and oversees administrative matters. Read more about Sela...

Bun Meng Leng

Finance Manager

Co-Founder & Managing Partner 

Mark Selby, CFA, joined Mekong Strategic Partners in 2018 as a Senior Investment Analyst. Mark is an investment professional with over ten years of experience analyzing investment strategies and advising institutional clients. Read more about Mark...

Tola Chea is an experienced senior banking and financial services executive with over 10 years’ experience working within the Australian banking sector.  Raised and educated in Melbourne & Canberra, Tola returned to Cambodia in 2015 and joined Mekong Strategic Partners as Senior Manager, Financial Services in 2017.   Read more about Tola...


Joining the team as Entrepreneur in Residence in 2019 to support the investees in MSP's VC tech fund, Mark brings more than 20 years of entrepreneurial and startup business experience to the team. Mark is the founder/co-founder of multiple technology companies, including IT Managed Services, internet technology, social apps, and most recently software and services for the hospitality sector. Read More about Mark...


Investment Analyst 

sela heng

bk @ mekongstrategic.com

With over 10 years of experience in commercial banking, Naren joined MSP in 2017 as in Investment Analyst. Prior to joining MSP, Naren spent 8 years at ANZ Royal Cambodia, most recently as its Senior Finance Analyst. Read more about Naren...

VC Entrepeneur in Residence

Nick BoerEma

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Senior Investment Analyst 

Bora kem

Senior Finance Advisor

Jolyda Sou joined MSP in late 2018 as an Investment Analyst. Prior to joining MSP, Jolyda worked in a private consulting firm in Washington, D.C., during which she managed Entrepreneurship Programs in the Lower Mekong Region. Fullbright Scholar Read More about Joly...