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Mekong Strategic Capital is an investment management firm that invests into attractive opportunities across the Mekong Region.
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Investment Management

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We invest our own capital and also on behalf of our investors which include corporations, institutions and high net worth individuals and families.

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We invest across multiple asset classes: fixed income, venture capital, listed and private equity, infrastructure and properties.

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Our target sectors include financial services, technology, renewable energy, infrastructure and real estate.

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We build pipelines of proprietary deal flows, leveraging our extensive global and on the ground network.

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Venture Capital

Venture capital – the process of investment into early stage companies – represents one of the most exciting areas of growth within Southeast Asia as advancement in technology combined with dynamic entrepreneurial spirit paves the path for new markets.


Our first corporate venture capital fund, the Smart Axiata Digital Innovation Fund (SADIF), was created by Smart Axiata, Forte Insurance and Mekong Strategic Capital. The fund’s objective is to seek superior financial returns and to spur the development of the digital ecosystem.


The fund invests in Southeast Asia-based, technology companies in the areas of:

  • e-commerce,

  • fintech,

  • software-as-a-service,

  • digital media and advertising,

  • agtech,

  • IoT, and

  • edtech

Our current portfolio focuses on early to growth stage companies that are leading digital transformation and improving lives. 

If you are interested in joining our family of portfolio companies, please email us so we can get to know you.

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Find out more

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Fixed Income

Through our Fixed Income Fund, Mekong Strategic Capital offers a diversified pool of attractive, risk- adjusted fixed interest returns with liquidity options.


The Fund invests into public, private debt, and term deposits across leading companies. The Fund targets opportunities in both USD and KHR.

Our experienced team applies rigorous risk management and governance mechanism to minimize idiosyncratic and systematic risks. 

The Fund is appropriate for corporations, and high net worth individuals and family office, interested in liquidity management and attractive cash flows.  

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Equities – Public & Private

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To capitalise on the opportunities for growth within the Mekong Region, Mekong Strategic Capital invests in listed and private equities. Our investment thesis is based on these key factors:

  • Consistent and sustainable growth in the economies of the Mekong Region, supported by strong demographics, political stability, diversified sectors;

  • Rise of the middle class;

  • Strategic integration of the region and its position in global trade;

  • The increasing sophistication of capital markets and corporate practices to improve existing fundamental businesses.

MSC seeks to acquire minority equity shares in high performing companies with capable management teams through purchase of publicly listed stocks, secondary market, growth equity or quasi equity instruments.  

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Infrastructure &

Property Opportunity

We estimate that there are at least $20 Billion unmet infrastructure and real estate demand over the next 10 years in the Mekong Region. Infrastructure projects provide the catalyst for overall development of the economy.


In particular, medium size infrastructure projects in various key industries (agriculture, specialty housing, industrial facilities, telecommunications industry, real estate, and financing) remain underfunded. At the same time, progress continues to be made to long-term infrastructure projects (roads, bridges, railways, ports and railways) through state funding, bilateral loans, international financial institutions.   

Our sectors of focus include:

  • Specialty and affordable housing;

  • Industrial facilities (cold storage, logistics, transportation, etc);

  • Renewable energy and distribution;

  • Sustainable agriculture processing and downstream;

  • Telecommunications infrastructure.

Our ideal investment profile includes projects that are:

  • Uniquely positioned in the supply and demand side of the value chain;

  • Long-term private infrastructure projects that are economically attractive and appropriately risk mitigated;

  • Strong cashflow with long-term off-takes;

  • Excellent, experienced operator team with utmost integrity;

  • Undervalued assets that can be optimised from improved operations or capital structure;

  • Utmost consideration on environmental footprint and sustainable best practices.

Visit our Climate Finance page for more information on our climate related investment opportunities. 

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Responsible Investing & ESG Policy

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Our Vision


Our most valuable long-term asset is our market reputation for achieving dynamic and sustainable returns through investments that create value, whilst promoting socially and environmentally responsible development. We put this vision into action by incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria into our investment decision making and ownership practices that directly influence investee companies to enhance performance across these areas.

Our Commitment


We ensure effective management of ESG issues by embedding ESG considerations into all steps of the investment process from pre-screening through to future exits. To accomplish this, we review all target investee companies against the IFC Exclusion List for compliance with host country social and environmental requirements. We also incorporate the IFC’s performance standards as a key part of our guiding framework for ESG evaluation. Finally, our process integrates ESG considerations of investment into all partnership and commercial agreements.

Our approach to management of ESG issues includes measuring, evaluating and managing risk. Through the process of assessing an investment, we categorise each investment according to its potential ESG risk profile at an early stage in the decision-making process. Based on this categorisation, we assign the proper level of ESG due diligence and ways in which we can quantify each ESG factor. Throughout the period of our investment we continue to evaluate the ESG performance of our investee companies on an ongoing basis and conduct regular monitoring visits. Our investee companies shall also report ESG issues and improvements on a quarterly basis and we in turn, reports to our investors on a quarterly and annual basis. 

Through effective embedding of ESG sustainability policies and monitoring of our companies and their investments, we are able to identify areas that may require attention and further enhance the social and environmental return of our investments. This enables us to find ways to seek out continual improvement in our processes and approaches to sustainable investing.

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