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Navigating the New Normal

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Mekong Strategic Capital presents a review of Cambodia's Bank Sector for 2021.

The Cambodian Finance Sector performed surprisingly well during the pandemic, helped in large part by very sensible Government and NBC actions/policies. In turn, the finance sector was able to support the broader economy by keeping credit flowing, while also supporting a rapid take up of digital payments to meet consumer demand. Overall, the sector performance over the past three years compares very well against ASEAN peers in terms of growth and financial stability.

Like most countries in the region, and many countries globally, Cambodia is now seeing tighter liquidity, and higher non-performing loans (NPLs). However Cambodian financial institutions enter this period with very strong capital levels, a low starting point in terms of NPLs, and a level of profitability that means they’re well positioned to navigate this new environment.

This report provides an overview of the sector, and over the coming months we will issue reports exploring topics such as capital levels, risk, and growth in more detail.

> Download the report:

Navigating the New Normal - Bank Sector Review 2022
Download PDF • 3.36MB


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