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Thailand: What's Beneath the Surface?

Mekong Strategic Capital presents our analysis of the political, economic and demographic currents that will impact Thailand in 2024 and beyond.

  • 2023 saw the Pheu Thai Coalition replace 10 years of military-led government. We view the return to democratic processes as a positive change. It also comes at a critical time for Thailand.

  • Since the 1990s boom, Thailand has navigated three major economic crises but after each, growth has emerged weaker. The performance since the GFC has been particularly disappointing.​

  • In addition to cyclical challenges the new government must address emerging structural challenges, most importantly climate change and demography. Thailand is the first country ‘to get old before it got rich’.

  • In this analysis we discuss what has changed, and what we should expect from the incoming government. The stakes could not be higher.

> Download the report:

Thailand Political Economic Demographic Analysis
Download PDF • 3.77MB


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