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Cambodian Banks – 2017 Financial Review
The Cambodian bank sector continues to be high growth, with one of the highest rates of revenue growth globally, and on track for $30 billion in loans by 2020. While overall returns are disappointing at just 12%, a number of banks have demonstrated that 20%+ returns are achievable with the right strategy.​

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​​The Smart Axiata Digital Innovation Fund is a venture fund that invests along the digital value chain in Cambodia’s technology sector. The fund leverages Mekong Strategic Partners’ deep global knowledge in the technology sector and unparalleled networks in Cambodia to create and realize value.

An investment arm that selectively identifies opportunities and invests directly, or in partnership with clients, into high growth and sustainable firms and projects in the Mekong Region.

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An advisory practice that provides unparalleled insights both to investors seeking exposure to the high growth economies of the Mekong Region, as well as local emerging corporates and institutions.

Our advisory work includes Mergers & Acquisition advisory, market entry, regulatory and risk management, debt structuring, sustainability approaches and strategic growth advisory.​